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Today I write for all members, friends and patrons of our beloved martial arts, be it boxing Kickboxing Muay Thai MMA and all other styles. We are in a very difficult time for our beloved martial arts and I am sure that this will continue to haunt in the near near and long future. Many of our friends are worried about their lives and the future that will follow after this terrible crisis. It is really difficult to see this suffering worldwide and the consequences that will follow. But I say we will all come back stronger over time because we have learned in our sport and in life that giving up is only the last option that accompanies us on our way.
What we can do is to reflect on the positive aspects that our sports convey to us that the path is the goal and we have learned to treat each other with respect. In our schools we learn that the most important thing is to support the weaker and that is what we should follow. Stand up for the sick and those who currently need help. Because of our cohesion they do not feel abandoned. Even if everyone is currently living in fear, we must not forget that we are fighters. We are fighters and have often got up from the ground like phoenix from the ashes.
Be strong and fight like he does in the arenas of this world and above all listen to it and follow the rules you are told as in our sport.

Take care of yourselves

best regards from one of you
Alessandro Sorce

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