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-AFSO World Champion- ---Julia Symannek---
-AFSO World Champion- ---Julia Symannek---

The World All Fight System Organization is a worldwide organism that are involved  to promote and to disclose the combat sport.


The A.F.S.O. is an umbrella organization for martial arts, self-defense, prevention and martial arts associations and organizations. Trade associations of different styles come together under the Premisse of cooperation for the individual athlete.


Common sports activities and the merging of styles through seminars, lectures, training basic, common in mainstream sporting activities and linking these be consistent with the Budo or Selfdefence-sport an interactive Budo with of sports for children, youth, adults and seniors in the center of the activities of the A.F.S.O.


Membership in the A.F.S.O. can get as theory-long training centers to vocational colleges and vocational schools but also sports schools, clubs and sports academies.


Every promoter has the possibility to organize tournament an gala with the A.F.S.O. , maintained low cost. The A.F.S.O. not impose anual taxes to the national representative.


You do not hesitate to become am Member and closes you to the A.F.S.O. family.



World Coordinator/Chairman

Alessandro Sorce

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