A.F.S.O. Pro Champions



MT (Muay Thai Rules), TB (Thaikickboxing Rules), OR (Oriental (K-1) Rules), KB (Kickboxing Freestyle Rules), FC (Kickboxing American Rules)


New AFSO-Pro International Champions have the option to defend is title voluntary in the nine (9) months of reign. After nine (9) months a title defence well be matadory, if he can not defend him the title can decleared vacant or rebooked. After twelfe (12) month we are not obliged to Inform the title holder and the title can decleared vacand without given notice. If a current champion fight the next title in line in same Style (National-Continental-Intercontinental-World) the lesser title will be automatically vacant.

International title is a one fight Championship.


If a fighter with multiple titles also holds the AFSO title, the fighter is promoted to "Super Champion" and the AFSO title—which is then referred to as the "Regular" title.

—becomes vacant for competition by other AFSO-ranked boxers. As a result, the AFSO official list of champions will often show a "AFSO Super World Champion" and a "AFSO World Champion" for the same weight class, instead of simply "AFSO Champion.

A AFSO champion may be promoted to "Super Champion" without winning another organization's title. Because there is a Super Champion is not alway required that an Interim or Regular title will be created.

Reigning A.F.S.O. Super World Champions

Super World Champion

Kard Chuek Lightmiddleweight

Rhassan Muhareb (PAL/DEN)

Super World Belt Winner

M.M.A. Heavyweight

Ivo Cuk (CRO)

Super World Champion

Muay Thai Middleweight

Sebastian Mendez-Harms (GER)


Super World Belt Winner

M.M.A. Welterweight

Musa Jangubaev (CHE/GER)

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