World Championships 2016 Frankfurt/Kelkheim

Passion and Emotion

World Championships 2015 Chisinau/Moldova

Impression of Bernd Dorst. I am not to Old i am i Fighter!

Time to Fight...

Impression Friendship Germany and Luxembourg

We celebrate togheter

Impression Fight Arena of Morro Jable- Fuerteventura

Impression of Julia Symannek

No Wai Kruh no Muaythai

Impression of Eugen Eirich. I am the Champion!

Time to say Goodbye...

Impression of Dennis Kern and his Coach Rüdiger Breuer

Only the Coach can still Help

Impression of Grandmaster Karsten Krüger

I and my sword

Impression of Sarah Glandien

What an Emotion win A.F.S.O. title

Impression of Lukas Würfe1

The youth are the future...



Impression fashion model Missy Mad with National Champion Belt

Impression of Alessandro Sorce

and i works...

Impressions 2nd. World Championships France 2012

Report 1st. World Championships Germany 2011 from Kickfighter

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